EISNL brings good news for Conveyor belts users in Nigeria.

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September 5, 2012
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February 22, 2016

Good news for conveyor belt users in Nigeria. EISNL is delighted to announce that Cobra Europe – France have appointed EISNL Engineering Solutions & Drives Ltd their exclusive distributor in Nigeria.

COBRA is the 5th largest conveyor belt manufacturer in the World and widely accepted as a producer of quality conveyor belts for Cement, Quarry and Heavy Industries.

COBRA are also number one in Europe for Rubber Food Quality Conveyor Belts which are used in industries such as Flour, Sugar and Cereals Handling.

Additionally, COBRA manufacture Steel Cord Belts, Heat Resistant Belts, ATEX Belts, Chevron Belts and wide range of Conveyor Belt Fasteners including Plate Fasteners.

Their Brands Include DEPREUX and TRANSCO.

Please see the COBRA Europe website www.cobra-europe.eu for much more detail.

While all COBRA products are very high quality, and this is born out from the references attached, it’s worth noting Cobra’s DEPREUX products are always optimized in design for robustness and durability. DEPREUX belts are known to be particularly resistant to impact on material loading and all kinds of potential hazards (impact damage, tearing, edges rubbing) that can happen in the mining and quarrying sector.

EISNL would therefore be delighted to receive any belting inquiries you have, or to discuss your complete belting supply requirements. We need information on what our customer’s requirements are to help us profile the stock we will keep. Please let us have details of all your conveyor belts.

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