Fluid Power

Mission-critical applications leave no room for error. Finding the correct solution leaves no place for partiality. And achieving maximum uptime, fewer emergencies, less overtime, lower maintenance and improved overall cost management leaves no option but to rely on EISNL’ know-how.

Our broad, impartial knowledge of Fluid Power engineering (hydraulics, pneumatics and filtration) enables us to select the best motor, valve, controls, pump and pipe work for your system, irrespective of brand or working environment.

EISNL’ understanding of the environment in which a transmission system must work, the stresses it has to handle, and the results it has to produce, enables us to engineer a solution you can rely on – for increase efficiency, extended life, minimum maintenance and maximum productivity.

Our scale allows us to offer extensive resources simple unavailable from other suppliers: from our engineering facility for design, build and testing, for example, to our regional engineers and local application support and advice.

At the same time, our flexibility belies our size, and enables us to provide solutions to suit your specific application, time-scale and budget.